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About us

We asked ourselves: What should tableware do if you boil it down to the fundamentals?

  1. Function: This sounds like a rational exercise, but function is more than anything about how an object feels. Are the edges of a plate rounded in a way that makes you want to hold it? Is the scale right for a meal or does it overpower it? These concerns guide our design process.

  2. Quality: Our pieces are made for life. They can be stacked, go into the dishwasher and be used for days and years without losing their value in the kitchen and on the table. The durability comes with stoneware. Each item is fired at 1250 degrees Celsius, which makes the clay and glazes strong.

  3. Handmade: We rely on the skills of the manufacturers in our production. More like a workshop than a large-scale factory, they work closely with the clay. This sets a rhythm for what we do. The craft takes time and there is a limit to what we can make.

Some of the things we pay attention to

We don’t just make a sketch for a design, order it from somewhere far away and close our eyes. We co-own our production in Poland, a family-run workshop for 35 years, which allows us to understand every part of the process. It means we can assure that no natural resource is wasted. Leftover clay is reused. Flawed pieces become raw material for other ones.

Because we keep the production small, we can plan deliveries, so shipments are bundled. This limits transportation time. A small production also brings flexibility. We can do an edition of 10 pieces, because we want to try out a new colour or take in a collaborator. The setup stays at a scale, where everybody knows each other in the room.

Above all we prioritise the creative work environment in the workshop. The light in the space on a given day makes a difference, just like the conversations we have. If we are not conscious of the particulars, our skilled manufacturers cannot do their best. This is really what it comes down to. As we care about the production setting, it is possible for our team to care about each piece. That attention carries the finished plate or cup. So you want to hold on to it and pass it on to someone else one day. In that way we create for potentially forever. And for us, that makes sense.

Our story

We established Ancher in 2023 as a joint venture between Elisabeth Snejbjerg of Copenhagen-based Studio Grey, Rainmaking Innovation, and the owner of our ceramic workshop in Poland.

Elisabeth has spent the past 20+ years designing and developing products, and in particular ceramics, for a range of national and international clients. Her products are highly sought after by restaurants, offices, and design professionals due to their well-thought-through functionality, simple and timeless design, and exceptional quality that means they last for years, even in busy environments.

Our ceramic workshop is a family-owned manufacturer in Poland, and they produce some of the highest quality stoneware in Europe. Working closely together with Elisabeth for years to create a sustainable and scalable production without sacrificing the look, feel, and durability of the products.

Ancher was born out of the wish to bring the stoneware collection to an even broader audience. To bring Ancher to life, Elisabeth teamed up with Rainmaking, a Copenhagen-based venture studio with experience in both direct-to-consumer and B2B ventures. They were able to bring the startup sauce and create the foundation for launching Ancher as a business.

Together we are able to combine beautiful, functional design with a sustainable production and a seamless, modern customer experience. We hope you like it.